Blue Archive The Animation : Episode 5

Published by ThyMrMan on

Current Episode Score: 6

Episode to episode I enjoy this show, but I really don’t understand what the larger story is here at all. Or even if there is one at all. Just isn’t much going on to hook me and make me want to see more of this world, or go play the gacha at all. I’m also not seeing much character growth and development from the cast, in these episodes. Just don’t really know what to make of this show.

Like with the events of the episode, I like Aru and her character. I enjoy this whole concept that she wants to be an outlaw because she likes them, but doesn’t actually want to do harm to average people. Kinda wants to be a good outlaw, so the events of the episode just don’t work for her at all. I like that, and I like Aru’s character. Just don’t know if this all fits together well, or turns out to be a good anime.