Scarlet Nexus : Episode 5

Ok, the split in the show is now here. In which the two story lines really start to diverge for a couple hours before coming back together. I am interested to see how much changes in the anime compared to the game with this split. Should be interesting.

Blood-C : Episode 3

I am enjoying this show, but I wish I had more explanation, We really don’t know anything about these monsters or her fighting at all. The fighting is smooth and enjoyable to watch. But we don’t have stakes at all at this point, so I’m hoping we get that soon.

Scarlet Nexus : Episode 4

I like the extra bits of background info that fill in some holes from the game. That is a really nice addition, and help to make it feel like you should watch the show alongside the anime. Main thing for this episode was the fate of Seto. You know he Read more…