Attack on Titan Season 2 : Episode 9

Published by ThyMrMan on

Current Episode Score: 6

Episodes like this just reinforce why I don’t really love Eren. I just don’t really feel like he has many good characteristics at all. He isn’t an intelligent character, doesn’t have any plans or ideas of dealing with situations. His default is to just yell and scream about the situation and get mad, and than eventually become a titan and hope it works out. I just don’t think he is a very good character. Just think about this situation, what does yelling at Reiner bring to the table at all. When being calm and having a conversation to try and gain information would be far more useful. Or believing now that Ymir isn’t on his side, when you know she only wants to protect Krista who would never leave the city. But nope, gotta default to yelling and hope things somehow work out.

Also annoyed that we basically learned nothing from this episode at all. I haven’t learned more about Reiner or Bertolt, still don’t know anything about their titan forms or their village or the wider story. Also didn’t learn anything more about Ymir. In general nothing really got accomplished from this episode outside of Reiner having some mental issues, but not like that really gains anything. Just disappointed more didn’t happen.