MF GHOST : Episode 5

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Current Episode Score: 6

Not gonna keep mentioning the unrealistic 86 being competitive, nor how his driving style wouldn’t really be gaining him that much time. Instead what else is going on with the show in general. Well it has way more driving than the other racing show of the season, but I can’t say the racing has been as engaging. Overtake’s racing just grabs me more, feels far more exciting to watch. MF Ghost’s racing just feels dull in comparison, most of it is fairly boring shots of CGI cars driving in straight lines and some commentary on top. It just isn’t anywhere near as exciting and impactful as Overtake. Overtake is also doing a better job making the racing feel like a true competition between people, they are building up rivals off the track and relationships that work better on the track. And I just haven’t seen that in MF Ghost yet, which makes the racing feel like it has very low stakes.

I also can’t say the music has any impact on me when I hear it. It is eurobeat like the classic show, but it is just super faint and doesn’t seem to have much influence. It kinda feels more of a throwback than an important part of the show.

We also got some of those Angels in the episode. And man do I still hate that concept completely, I really do. I’ll reference Overtake again doing it better, they have a girl on the cast who works alongside the drivers. But she is an actual character that feels like she has a reason to exist. And is working alongside the cars for a reason. The Angels just feel like fan-service that has been added for no good reason, did we really need a group of sub-idols who have their own fan groups? I guess you could maybe compare them to cheerleaders in football, but they aren’t nearly as accomplished at all. I just don’t see the point of them outside of attempting to add some girls to use as fan service to the show/manga.

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