The Vexations of a Shut-In Vampire Princess : Episode 7

Published by ThyMrMan on

Current Episode Score: 7

That was a very destructive and unexpected episode, but also felt very rushed. I feel like this should have been two episodes for sure, just to expand on the events some more. Felt like many times we just jumped from fight to fight in a way that just didn’t feel all that great. But in the end it results in some massive and unexpected situations. I wouldn’t have predicted the contest gets ruined by Komari going all nuke and literally killing everyone but 3 people in 1 shot. I also wasn’t expecting Sakuna to go full mind control and crazy, crushing the last enemy with a rock. Finally ending it all with her apparently mind controlling or doing something to Komari, and not really sure what it was. Don’t really know what to make of the ending of that episode, or what it actually means.

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