Dead Mount Death Play Part 2 : Episode 7

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Current Episode Score: 7

So it looks like Polka has decided to get serious about this conflict that he has found himself involved in. And decided he won’t be able to achieve any of his goals if he stands by anymore, so he decided to start going on the offensive. And the first step of that plan seems to be equipping his best fighters with some serious upgrades. One is becoming a vampire and gaining partial immortality, another gaining dragon’s abilities. Wonder what he can do for Takumi and the data gathering aspects. But really seems like he is lining things up for the future when they have the next confrontation with the other factions.

Speaking of other factions, I really don’t know how many we have nor what everyone’s goals are at all. I mentioned it last episode, but we have at least 5 different factions now involved in this conflict in a single city. All involving various powers and abilities, both from this world and the other. Honestly this feels like a story that I’m gonna need a map eventually to explain everything and their relations to me in the future.

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