Symphogear G : Episode 12

Published by ThyMrMan on

Current Episode Score: 6

Well it is almost over finally, and felt like this episode was skipping around a bit. And kinda moving forward at a pretty fast pace to get things to the proper spot. But looks like it will come down to Hibiki and Maria solving the issue in the end, though don’t really know how. Also don’t know how the Doctor still fits into this entire thing.

Other odd things, so apparently the moon is actually some relic/machine created with magic to control the world. Or something like that, something about a universal language. Not a clue what that was supposed to mean. Also part of this complex was just an ancient rocket that Nastassja was in. So she is apparently off to the moon, unless she gets saved somehow next episode.

Oh and turns out Fine was actually in one of the girls the whole time. I kinda expected that Fine just didn’t exist and the whole thing was kinda a joke. Though the only actual purpose she held was to save somebody and than vanish. Kinda feels like she could have been better used.