The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 : Episode 7

Published by ThyMrMan on

Current Episode Score: 8

Let the misunderstandings continue, and yet somehow it all comes together in the end. Honestly there is no way these events should all work out as often as they do. In the end this has been a very good arc, and has a ton of emotional growth and character growth for it I would say. The girls have all grown from this experience, learning perhaps they need to trust Shadow more in the future. But also that they need to continue to get even stronger to keep up with him. Despite him not actually meaning to teach them any of that.

As with many times in the first season. I consider the anime almost better than the light novel and manga in many aspects. The scenes are better done and are changed to allow for more action and context. The characters have different interactions that is often better. And just in general it is a very enjoyable set of changes that largely improve the series. Looking forward to this final arc of the year.

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