The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent II : Episode 7

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Current Episode Score: 6

Ugh, and the whole forced/political marriage trope has shown up. I always hate when these things show up in series, mostly because they never make sense. What is the driving factor in trying to get Sei to marry somebody at this point? And what good is it to try and force things along, for no extra gain. You already have her assisting fully and she hasn’t yet said anything like wanting to leave the kingdom, so just let the status quo stand. I’ve also never understood the main characters viewpoints in going along with the whole thing. You can’t really force Sei to get married, she has all the power in the relationship here, so why is it being forced. I just feel like your tempting fate, and would love to see a series one day go through with the way it would probably play out. MC gets forced by the royalty to play politics/get married, gets annoyed at all this fluff they don’t want to deal with, and just walks out and heads to the next kingdom over.

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