Arpeggio of Blue Steel : Episode 5

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Current Episode Score: 6

In the general overview of the larger story, I feel like this is an important story to be telling. Of two mental models of the fog gaining an attachment to a human child, expanding their emotions and such. Which will further move them away from the rest of the fleet, along with probably influencing the fleet.

In some ways, if this was planed. It kinda is the greatest human style weapon they could have come up with really. When humans encounter an enemy they couldn’t easily defeat with conventional weapons they changed the plan and used something new. Essentially a computer virus given human form, just make the fog attached to humans therefore they loose the will to fight. Though this doesn’t appear to be planned, and thus makes it far less cool.

But seems like my general idea for how this show will progress is still holding pretty steady. The mental models are changing more and more to gain emotions and connections the longer they stay in human form and interact with humans. Which in-turn will cause them to loose the will to fight and want to learn more from humans. I love the idea, I just don’t really think this show is good enough or has enough episodes to really do it fully properly.

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