OVERTAKE! : Episode 8

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Current Episode Score: 7

So in the end Bolsorriso really is trying to grab Haruka and have him drive for them. Which is to be expected, he was getting close to the podium with an older car that is lacking in money. So putting him in a new car would just massively explode his abilities and let him hit some new highs, and probably even the podium. Which of course is going to bring in the next conflict/drama. How does it look between Haruka, Satsuki, and Toshiki. At the moment it sure looks like Toshiki might end up being the weak link and being dropped once Satsuki recovers and returns. We already know Haruka was faster than Toshiki in the slower car, and is pressuring Toshiki in the Bolsorriso cars with very little track time under him. So things will be very interesting in the future.

Disappointed we still haven’t learned what is going on with Kouya. He is billed as a main character, but honestly it feels like he was largely forgotten about. And completely replaced with Haruka. His story really hasn’t expanded that much, and his character hasn’t really had that much growth. And now he is technically completely missing, and who knows what is going on now. I wonder if we will get a flashback of what he is doing, or just gonna show up randomly in a couple episodes. Can’t take too long though given we are past the half-way point.

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